White Sage, in Czech also known as bílá šalvěj, is a plant which plays an essential role in life of North-american Indians. Because of the attributes it possesses, it is used during sweat lodge ceremonies (a.k.a. inipi) and ritual tent or house fumigation. The foam of white sage repels insects and it can also be used as an disinfectant. This plant is very spiritual. Because of all these reasons it holds a special place in my life. This plant is so important for me, that I even named my fashion brand after it.

Well, I probably was an Indian in my last life.

Indian legend has it that…

The white sage turned silver when a poor young girl wanted to beg for help the White Buffalo, but she had nothing to put on the altar except the weeds picked by a road. Because of the pure and strong faith of the young girl, the originally brown weeds turned silver, when she put it on the altar.

Space purification ritual using white sage:

Take a bundle of dried leaves, put its tips on fire. Let it flare up and then blow the fire out. Let the smoke smoulder. A specific and strong aroma will spread around you. You can cut off the smouldering part at any time and keep the plant for later.


White Sage emerged as a result of a synthesis of love for nature and love for fashion. Even though the quality of food as well as organic cosmetic products are more and more important to many people, the clothes are still bought in chain stores, where the fashion is up to date with fashion trends and sometimes even a linen clothing can be found, anyway the conditions of manufacture are often even hard to imagine. Or we just close our eyes to it, because of the feeling, that we are unable to change it just by ourselves. If clothing travels across the world and its price is still very low, the “manufacturer” cannot be adequately evaluated. Even myself also used to go shopping this way, because if I wanted to find a clothing made of natural material and to keep the feminine look, this was the only quick way. What we put on ourselves is as important as what we eat and what we wash clothes with. Because of this I took great care with choosing the fabric. I did not just put emphasis on the quality of the fabric, natural colours, but also on choosing local manufacturers and suppliers from the EU.  This way was created a fashion collection, which shall not make you choose whether you want a clothing which is made of high quality fabric or some other clothing, whose cut makes you look feminine. Because these factors are a sure thing, when it comes to White Sage. The first collection offers a combination of hemp and bio-cotton. Later there will be added up a combination of hemp and peace silk, as well as accessories made of natural materials with sheltered worhshops cooperation especially for our beloved.


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