Sustainable practices in the fashion industry face their own challenges. White Sage is committed to ecological decision-making in all its creative steps.
White Sage's goal is to integrate these values into all aspects of its business, from products to packaging.
All products purchased online are plastic-free and all printing materials and tags are recyclable.

Made in Czechia from natural materials,

which are friendly to our planet.

Rattan furniture designed and manifactured

with love for White Sage.

Accessories for our loved ones from natural materials,

in cooperation with sheltered workshops.





I am Dominika, nice to meet you.​

My name is Dominika Býmová and even though my profession has nothing to do with fashion, it is still the common denominator of both arts. Both, the theater and the creation of my fashion brand called White Sage fulfills me with great joy. And I consider this a great success - to work with passion and enthusiasm. The older I get the more I enjoy working in nature (which is sometimes difficult with the long hours spent between the theater walls). And sometimes, it is difficult to detach yourself from acting that can, in a certain direction, drain your energy. That is why I decided to bring a bit of harmony into my life. And I found it in White Sage.​

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