We care about the material quality we sew our clothes from. That is why we carefully select suppliers of fabrics and we verify that the production of textiles is considerate of nature and humans.

GOTS, or Global Organic Textile Standard, is the strictest internationally valid biotextile certification. It guarantees the ecological purity of both the production of textiles and the final product, thereby protecting the environment, the health of people working in plants and, last but not least, users of biotextile. It also has detailed requirements for safety and human working conditions. They also anchor extensive requirements for the ethical side of the production.

GOTS certification guarantees:

  • freedom of employment
  • safety and cleanness of the workplace
  • prohibition of child labor
  • adequate working hours
  • prohibition of rough and inhuman treatment of human beings
  • freedom of collective negotiation

The certification by the FWF, or Fair Wear Foundation, means that the clothing has been manufactured in accordance with the labor standards and regulations set by the International Labor Organization. The FWF aims to improve the workplace conditions in the textile industry. It was founded in 1999 and today, more than fifty companies from all over Europe are its members. It mainly focuses on textile production in China, India, Turkey and Bangladesh.



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